HO6LA(ホムラ) OFFICIAL HP|6人組アイドルグループ


Precautions regarding live concerts and special events

HO6LA(ホムラ) OFFICIAL HP|6人組アイドルグループ


■ About live performances

・ Shooting permission varies depending on the event.

For details, please check each event announcement.

Video recording is prohibited during MC without BGM.

・ Other photography and recording are strictly prohibited.

* If there is a shooting event, we will announce it separately.

・ If the organizer completely prohibits the appearance event, shooting will not be possible.

・ Only Twitter and Instagram can post videos. Posting on other video sites ( YouTube and Nico Douga) is prohibited.

・ Surf, standing lift, lift near the front and other dangerous activities are prohibited.

・ We are not responsible for any injuries caused by lifts or mosh, so please take your own responsibility.  

* During the period of Corona Sorrow, it is prohibited to touch the bodies of customers (lift, etc.).

Regarding the privilege party

・ At the Chekikai, you can talk with the members from the time you shoot until the film comes out.

If the staff hands over the check, we will change to the next customer even during the conversation.  

・ Acts that directly touch or dislike members' bodies are prohibited. Even if you are not in contact, it is prohibited to approach the members excessively and talk.   

・ Shoot within 5 seconds after the customer stands next to the member. You cannot specify a pose that takes time.

* Kneeling, crouching poses, poses that touch the member's body, hair, head, and face, poses that appear to be in contact, and shooting while moving from one place to another are prohibited.

・ Expired check tickets cannot be used.

Expired check tickets are non-refundable.

* Except when there is a refund announcement due to a defect on this side.

-Interruption to the column is prohibited.

・ Depending on the time of the privilege party, we may cut the line even if you are in line.

・ The act of lining up in a line after issuing the [last-tightened bill] ・ The act of turning the bill behind is prohibited.

If this behavior is discovered, it will be "immediate ban".

Up to 3 sheets can be taken out.

* We do not consider the time you can talk with the members.

・ Please refrain from asking about the personal circumstances (private) of members and the contents related to personal information.

You cannot take 3 shots, 4 shots, etc. with a normal 2- shot check ticket.

・ Due to the time of the venue, we may ask customers who have finished taking cheki to leave the museum. note that.  

・ Please do not project the psyllium containing the reflective material when shooting the check. Due to flash photography, the check may not be displayed. (Customers who may be in the above case will be photographed.) Even if the psyllium does not contain a reflective material, the entire check may appear dark due to the brightness of the psyllium. (We recommend that you do not mirrored all of the pen write psyllium.)

Regarding gifts

・ Presents cannot be given at all.

* During the event in Corona, it will not be possible to do so, including mailing.

If you do not comply with the above prohibited items, you will be subject to ban.

Please refrain from any other acts of caution from here.