HO6LA(ホムラ) OFFICIAL HP|6人組アイドルグループ


HO6LA 1st one man live Sale goods released

HO6LA(ホムラ) OFFICIAL HP|6人組アイドルグループ


Held at Shibuya Womb on 9/12 (Sun),

Unveiling live HO6LA 1st one man live "Flame" sales goods have been released!


Only penlights will be sold online in advance.

* Purchases made by 9/3 (Friday) will be shipped on 9/9 (Thursday).

Click here to purchase a penlight

[Notes on product sales]

* The special event will be held after the performance.

* Bonus event is limited to 2-shot check and box check.

* 1 If you are a member and can take multiple cards, please put out up to 3 cards at once. If it is more than that, it will be rearranged with 3 sheets. Depending on the length of the row, shooting may not be guaranteed when rearranging. (It may be after the last deadline)

Please check the following for the rules of the privilege party.

Bonus party rules

* For random check and scribble check, we will give you the photographed one at the time of purchase. There is no handing over from members or signing on the spot.

* The scribble check will be signed by each member.

* Product sales are only available within the venue. Only those who have a ticket can use it after opening.

* Product sales may not be available after the performance depending on the number of items sold and the number of items in stock.

* After the event is over, we cannot answer whether or not it will be sold by mail order. We will notify you separately when selling.

* If there is a maximum purchase limit, we will notify you separately on Twitter etc.

* The boxed check ticket is valid only on the day of the event.

* 2 Please confirm the expiration date of the shot check ticket at the time of purchase. Please note that there is no deadline announcement.

* There is no preparation for take-out vinyl. Please prepare by yourself or come in a large bag.

* The poster will be handed open. (Rubber bands will be installed.) We recommend that purchasers bring a tubular case.

* We cannot tell you the number of products sold.

* Please do not resell the purchased products.

* There are no product reservations or reservations. You can purchase in the order in which they are lined up in the product sales line.

* Please check after admission for the place to sell products.

* Batteries are attached to the penlight. It can be used on the spot.