HO6LA(ホムラ) OFFICIAL HP|6人組アイドルグループ


1st single "Pirikarira" release commemorative release event decided!

HO6LA(ホムラ) OFFICIAL HP|6人組アイドルグループ


<HO6LA 1st single "Pirikarira" release event will be held>

In commemoration of the release of the 1st single "Pirikarira", we are planning to hold an in-store event at the following stores.


9/17 (Fri) HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA START 18:30

9/19 (Sun) Tower Records Kawasaki Store START 13:00

9/23 (Thursday) Village Vanguard + PLUS (AEON Lake Town mori) START 13:00

9/25 (Sat) Tower Records Ikebukuro store START 18:30

10/2 (Sat) Village Vanguard Shibuya Main Store B2 START 18:30

10/3 (Sun) Somewhere in Tokyo / Kanto

10/9 (Sat) Somewhere in Tokyo / Kanto

10/10 (Sun) Somewhere in Tokyo / Kanto

10/16 (Sat) Tower Records Shibuya 5F START 13:00

10/16 (Sat) HMV & BOOKS SHIBUYA START 18:00

10/17 (Sun) Tokyo / Kanto Somewhere → Canceled

* Scheduled event dates are subject to change. note that.

* Events after October 22 will be announced from late September to early October.

[Information on how to participate in the event]

From the designated time on the day of the event, we will distribute "admission ticket with reference number" and "privilege ticket" according to the number of reservations and purchases to those who make a full advance reservation or purchase of the target product at the target store cash register.

* "Admission ticket with reference number" will be distributed per person per account.

* It will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis or by lottery. Please check the details of each event.

* The reference number of the "Priority Admission Ticket with Reference Number" will be randomly distributed. It is not the order in which reservations and exchanges were made.

* Only one person can use the "Admission ticket with reference number" and "Bonus ticket" until the end of the event.

* The number of "admission tickets with reference numbers" and "privilege tickets" is limited. Distribution will end as soon as the specified number is reached.

* Please refrain from making inquiries regarding reference numbers.

* When the meeting time arrives, please follow the instructions of the staff and enter in the order of the reference numbers. Please note that if you are late for the meeting time, the reference number will be invalid and you may not be able to enter or you may not be able to enter at the end.

* Except for stores where free admission is possible, only those who have reserved / purchased a CD can participate in the event.

Those who do not have an "admission ticket with a reference number" cannot view it.

* If you lose your "admission ticket with reference number" and "privilege ticket", we will not be able to reissue them.

* No refunds will be given after the event.

* Elementary school students and above will need an "admission ticket with reference number" and a "privilege ticket".

[Bonus event details]

Customers who make a full advance reservation or purchase of the above products will receive one "Bonus Ticket" for each CD.

1 award ticket 1 favorite member and 2 shot cheki

2 award tickets Signed by everyone on POP or jacket (signature, date) * Before the CD is released, it will be a sign on POP.

3 award tickets Enclosed check

5 award tickets Enclosed wide check (address, date, all signatures)

■ Kameko Pass

We will give you a Kameko Pass in exchange for reservation / purchase of 2 CDs. If you would like a Kameko Pass instead of a reward voucher, please ask at the cashier.

* No award ticket will be given when redeeming a pass.

* Example: If you reserve or purchase 3 CDs, you will receive 1 "Kameko Pass" and 1 "Bonus Ticket".

* Shooting with smartphones, iPhones, and feature phones is not possible.

* There is a maximum number of Kameko Passes on the day.

* Kameko Pass is available to those who have a priority admission ticket with a reference number.

You cannot shoot outside the event space.

* The Kameko Pass space may change depending on the store.

[Order of privilege party]

POP or jacket sign → box wide check, sign → box check → 2 shot check

* Both masks are worn. Take a social distance with a vinyl sheet in between.

* Signing is done through a vinyl sheet and wearing both masks.

* Contents are subject to change in a hurry.

* Please check the HO6LA official website (link) for other precautions for live performances and special events.

[About measures against new coronavirus infection]

・ Please take measures against infectious diseases by yourself, such as washing hands, gargling, wearing a mask, and cough etiquette.

・ At the time of admission, temperature measurement, alcohol disinfection, and wearing a mask are mandatory. Please do not remove the mask during the event. Please note that those who do not wear a mask cannot participate.

・ Voice and calls at live concerts and special events are prohibited. Also, please refrain from conversations between customers as much as possible.

・ Please refrain from visiting if you have any symptoms such as fever, cough or general pain.

・ On the day of the event, the customer will be measured with a non-contact thermometer. Please note that we do not allow customers with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher, or customers with cold symptoms such as fever or cough, or customers with symptoms such as suffocation.

・ Personal information may be required when each event is held. Please cooperate according to each store rule.

・ If you feel sick in the venue, please do not overdo it and notify the staff immediately. If you are worried about your physical condition, please do not overdo it.

・ Letters and gifts to members and related parties cannot be accepted.


* All acts of shooting, recording and recording of artists with cameras, video cameras, camera-equipped mobile phones, etc. are strictly prohibited unless instructed by the staff.

* Call and response and jumps are prohibited.

* Please refrain from viewing while sitting on a stepladder or table.

* It is totally prohibited to take a place with luggage. We will remove it as soon as it is found. In addition, the organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for the removed items or the items that have been left unattended.

* Sit-in and harassment in the store, inside the building, and around the venue are strictly prohibited.

* In order to ensure the safety of visitors, the event content may be changed or canceled due to weather, disasters, various circumstances, etc., in consideration of safety.

* During the event, the staff may guide you by touching your shoulders or arms.

* A baggage storage area may be set up when participating in the special event. In that case, please leave your baggage in the designated place and participate.

* Please manage your valuables and baggage at your own risk.

* Please take your garbage home with you.

* The organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for accidents or thefts that occur inside or outside the venue without following the instructions and precautions of the staff.

Customers who cannot follow the above precautions and cannot follow the staff's guidance will be refused participation or will be asked to leave.