HO6LA(ホムラ) OFFICIAL HP|6人組アイドルグループ


[Regarding the change of rules for the privilege party]

HO6LA(ホムラ) OFFICIAL HP|6人組アイドルグループ


With the cancellation of the national emergency declaration on September 30, 2021

From October 1, 2021, some rules of the privilege party will be changed.

[Changes after 10/1]

・ The conversation at the privilege party is OK.

For details, please read the notes below.


・ Wearing a mask is mandatory. As before, if you do not wear it, you will not be able to participate in the special event.

・ Please hold the shooting sheet between the conversations. Conversations in front of or in line with members will continue to be prohibited.

・ Please keep a certain distance even if you have a seat in between.

・ There is no change in the privilege time (time to talk with members). As stated in the special notes , you can have a conversation until the check is made.

・ Please refrain from talking loudly to prevent droplets.

If the above is not observed, the staff may be careful.

In addition, in order to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, we ask for your continued cooperation in preventing infection. Please check here for infection control measures.

Please comply with the rules to prevent infection of customers and members.