HO6LA(ホムラ) OFFICIAL HP|6人組アイドルグループ


[Performance event] 11/22 (Monday) Small country channel "WAKU WAKU WORLD" public live distribution

September 23 (Thursday / holiday)   Panrunarifi, Laughing, and Roa Kusunoki will appear on the public live broadcast program " WAKU WAKU WORLD " that starts with Mikucha Kogoku Channel!

Date: November 22 (Mon) 18:00

MC: Private Ebisu Junior High School   Mirei Hoshina and Rika Mayama

Guest : HO6LA (Pan Lunarifi, Laughing, Roa Kusunoki) / Qumali Depart / Symdolick

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* Small Worlds admission fee is included in the ticket fee.

Please enjoy the miniature theme park of your time until the public live delivery is by all means 3 F.

All members participate in the privilege party after the live distribution.

Small Worlds limited figures will also be sold for all members.